Cascais – Estoril, Portugal

Quinta do Patiño, Estoril, Cascais, Lisboa

价格 Price: €2,900,000 EUR  (Includes services for Schengen Visa  包括 申根签证服务)

Luxury Villa at Quinta do Patiño in Estoril, Cascais, 7 bedrooms, 1045sqm, 3900sqm plot. Quinta do Patiño was founded in the 50’ famous for its luxurious Palace and parties in which famous names of the time took part as A. Hepburn, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Minnelli, Rothchild, Baron Von Thissen, etc. Quinta Patino is one of the most secure and exclusive family places to live in Portugal, 60ha Estate, gym, pool, Lake, tennis courts, soccer field, surrounded by Estoril Golf Club at only 20 mins from Lisbon. For Information about this listing please contact (GoldenVisaLisboa).

位于卡斯卡伊斯市的埃什托里尔镇, 有7个卧室,面积 1045 平米,占土也 3900 平米 建于20 世纪 50 魉弋,因其菱垡的宣殿和派对而出名,当时的者名人物奥黛朋’赫本丶 沙沙-嘉宝丶 日月奈利丶罗斯扭尔德和湿 ‘ 泰森男爵等常出入派对。


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