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Cascais – Estoril, Portugal

Quinta do Patiño, Estoril, Cascais, Lisboa

价格 Price: €2,900,000 EUR  (Includes services for Schengen Visa  包括 申根签证服务)

Luxury Villa at Quinta do Patiño in Estoril, Cascais, 7 bedrooms, 1045sqm, 3900sqm plot. Quinta do Patiño was founded in the 50’ famous for its luxurious Palace and parties in which famous names of the time took part as A. Hepburn, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Minnelli, Rothchild, Baron Von Thissen, etc. Quinta Patino is one of the most secure and exclusive family places to live in Portugal, 60ha Estate, gym, pool, Lake, tennis courts, soccer field, surrounded by Estoril Golf Club at only 20 mins from Lisbon. For Information about this listing please contact (GoldenVisaLisboa).

位于卡斯卡伊斯市的埃什托里尔镇, 有7个卧室,面积 1045 平米,占土也 3900 平米 建于20 世纪 50 魉弋,因其菱垡的宣殿和派对而出名,当时的者名人物奥黛朋’赫本丶 沙沙-嘉宝丶 日月奈利丶罗斯扭尔德和湿 ‘ 泰森男爵等常出入派对。

Lisboa, Portugal

Campo de Ourique, Lisboa

价格  Price: €350,000 EUR  (Includes services for Schengen Visa  包括 申根签证服务)

投资的面积]32平米4卧室公寓, 它座落在里斯本的最佳住宅区Campo de Ourique, 靠近 阿姆雷子立其斤购物中〔亡`禾口洼i吾学校。 复式公寓, 俯瞰里斯本 绿色公园和罗马水道, 位于翻新的二层建筑电 铺设典型 的葡萄珏磁砖, 2018 年 4月可人住。 凡投资任何价格超过 35 丐 欧兀的房产,  我们将提供申请来葡萄的申根黄金签证

Invest with Golden Visa Lisboa, 4 bedrooms apartment with 132 sqm, in Campo de Ourique, the best residential neighborhood in Lisbon, close to the Amoreiras Shopping Center and French School. Duplex apartment, with views of Lisbon green park and Roman aqueduct in refurbished 2 store building, with typical Portuguese tiles, ready in April 2018. Just send us an email we will give you more information and special conditions for China Buyers or real estate agents:

Comporta, Alentejo

casa_comporta_capaHerdade da Comporta, Grandola, Alentejo

价格 Price: €1,980,000 EUR (Includes services for Schengen Visa  包括 申根签证服务)

Fantastic Villa in Herdade da Comporta, 4 Bedrooms, 420sqm, with other several rooms and an infinity pool, all designed and built in 2012, by one of the most famous Portuguese Architects. Inside the best resort and private condominium of Alentejo, in a plot of almost 2500sqm and only one hour south of Lisbon, and 12 miles west of the main A2 highway that directs the sun-seeking crowds to the Algarve. Also just 10 km for Troia, Casino and Resort, a 1,200-acre development in a model of sustainable tourism: it is the first resort in Portugal to be ISO 14001 certified (a global standard for environmental management).  Excellent investment as the area will be soon developed, with five hotels, including a luxury Aman and two golf courses.

Herdade da Comporta的梦幻别墅,4间卧室,三个大客厅和一个无边泳池,全部由最着名的葡萄牙建筑师之一设计。 在阿连特茹最好的度假胜地和私人公寓内,占地2500平方米,里斯本南部只有一小时的路程,在主要的A2高速公路以西12英里的地方,指引寻求阳光的人群前往阿尔加维(Algarve)。距离Troia只有10公里, 赌场和度假村,一个1200英亩的发展被一些人视为可持续旅游的典范。 这个地区的投资很快,包括豪华的阿曼和两个高尔夫球场在内的五家酒店将会很快被开发出来。里斯本以南一小时,主要A2高速公路以西12英里,指引寻求阳光的人群前往阿尔加维,这里有一个天堂,距离Troia,Casino and Resort 赌场度假村, 有10英里,有1200英亩的开发项目被一些人视为可持续旅游模式:葡萄牙是第一个通过ISO 14001认证(全球环境管理标准)的旅游胜地。非常好的投资,因为该地区将很快发展,与五家酒店,其中包括豪华阿曼和两个高尔夫球场。

Algarve, Invest In Portugal


Invest in Algarve, the Portuguese sunny, beautiful beaches, food and golf heaven. Ranging from 100k€ condo apartments, with pool and gardens, to 1M€ Luxury Villas, in some of the best private European golf resorts. All properties on our portfolio, over 350,000€, includes services to apply for Portuguese Schengen Golden Visa and the full support of Top Real Estate Agent, Bruno Marques Horta from Keller Williams Portugal (+351 960010800)

投资阿尔加维, 葡萤牙迷人的阳光海岸, 美食和高尔夫的天堂L从10万欧兀的公寓, 从游泳池和花园配备到 100k€万欧兀的豪华别墅 土也处欧〉州寸些最好的私人邑尔夫匿假村中。 在我们的埕资组合中投鳗超过35万欧兀的房芦我们将提供来葡甸牙申根黄金釜证服务, 以及来自葡甸牙 Ke‖er Williams 的 最佳房地产经 纪人 Bruno Marques Horta 的鼎力支持 (+351 960010800 /。